Thursday, 1 December 2016


If it's Nanny holding the gun,...she probably knows best!

Before embarking on another ramble round my  thoughts..
This time on the matter of Nannies...
those people employed to look after our "little darlings"
I have sadly found it
 (after much provocation and aggravation) imperative that I give those who run this computer google blog thing a piece of my mind ....

Note to Beastly, Bloody well Nosey, Interfering,

Computer numpty that I am.
I am NOT, repeat NOT,  
completely devoid of neuronal activity. 

I am only too well aware of how you spy on us all...
The latest and most vexing example being, when MINUTES after I had ordered  some much needed "Magic pants" on line, 
To my horror up popped adverts for incontinence pads, little "pink pills" to help my evidently decreasing libido and other devices more suited to a porn shop. 
Now, let me tell you, I consider myself to be as broad  minded as any other  "woman of the world." But the implication that I may be in need of what amounts to female viagra is positively beyond the pale..
You  have all, clearly, been very badly brought up and are in dire need of acquiring some manners.
Matters of female intimacy are not to be paraded around the "Blogosphere" or which ever planet you inhabit. 

So, yes, apparently you now know that I wear knickers which are certainly not of the "lights-down-low-romantic" variety.
However, I do not expect any more "unseemly" adverts anywhere near my lap top.....should there be even a suggestion of the type of apparatus you think I require (and that includes Stanner stair lifts)  I shall immediately report you to the Head Bloggspotter..

 may I remind you, that apart from being some what of a dab hand at Kung Fu, and not REMOTELY adverse to causing grievous bodily harm when necessary,
 I am NOT a woman to be trifled with, particularly when my "blood is up"
As it now.

So shove THAT up your collective algorithms.......
And I am NOT finished yet.

I am most dissatisfied at the way you keep interfering with the way this blog works.
New passwords are demanded in the interests of "security"
WHAT security?
Adverts for music albums entirely contra to my tastes...what next?
Perhaps a quick add or two for a "discrete" agency providing women of a certain age with suitable escorts (for a suitable price)?

Nothing you lot of lunatics dream up would surprise me.....BUT, don't say you have not been severely reprimanded and warned!

So, to address the fraught subject of Nannies,
Do you know, I am so exhausted by that painful but necessary rant that I feel in need of a quiet lie down and fag( english slang for cigarette, Cal Gal) I know in California a "fag" is a cat of an entirely different colour.
If you agree with me, regarding these imbeciles who organise the various "social media platforms"
 (note my acquaintance with the lingo)
 please comment and let  me know your thoughts on the matter..
I need some feedback in the event of it being me who is quite bonkers,